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International Union of Journalists and Writers

An independent international organization created to protect the interests of journalists and writers all over the world. The main objectives of the Union are: the adoption and implementation of media freedom, and promote the right of citizens to obtain guarantees quickly on comprehensive and accurate information by means of electronic and print media. Accuracy, honesty and objectivity in the formulation and dissemination of news and information, facts and in accordance with journalistic and ethical norms and promote the principles of the media to confront hatred, extremism and terrorism and to refrain from taking calls racism or involving defamation of religions or hatred or that promote discrimination or contempt for the opinion or belief of a range of communal truth, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality and responsibility before Alqra.onbz sectarian and ethnic strife and disseminate the message of peace, tolerance and begins to follow those ethics in access to information and taking into account the importance and then delivered to the public free press and responsible is the essence of human society proper, and an integral part of human rights and fundamental freedoms and aimed to enlighten public opinion and achieve the interests of the defense of rights, security and stability, and to renounce violence and not to provoke strife and division of sectarianism and racism to build a culture of journalism honest and free, on the basis of commonly accepted principles of professional and ethical conduct to protect the rights and freedoms of journalists and writers, and copyright. Development of journalistic writing, and education, and improve the professional skills of journalists and creative writers. Attract public attention to the situation in the media, and to promote public confidence in the publication of print and electronic journalism. And other activities to cover events in the field of journalism. Participation in the international press movement, and cooperation with other news organizations, printers, publishers and media. Enhance the print and electronic media industry. Organization of work with young journalists and writers. The development of the concepts of organizational forms and the mass of cooperation between the journalists and the media, and data collection, analysis, storage and dissemination of experience required of journalists and writers linked to the credibility of the journalist and writer, his commitment to the truth, and his commitment to the pursuit of accuracy, fairness and objectivity clear distinction between news and advertising. There shall be to achieve these objectives and respect for ethical and professional values. They dumped the responsibility rests solely on journalists and media outlets. Accuracy and credibility and transparency based on press and media and successful work through validation of news and press coverage without errors or fabrications or falsification of the facts or mislead public opinion, while ensuring the right of reply and comment as necessary to gain the respect and confidence of the public Neil. Objectivity, impartiality and independence of the foundations of the work of professional journalism that takes into account the principles of cultural and intellectual pluralism in society, and the distinction between news coverage of the naked and the expression of personal viewpoint or ideological convictions. Respect for fair competition among workers for the press without offending or drop or treason or abuse, taking into account the rights and duties of professional collegiality in the defense of the rights of the journalistic community and to address any disputes arise between them. Promote ethical standards journalistic etiquette and ethics and integrity as a duty humanly on every journalist and writer and Foundation Press adhered to, and work to protect public morals and uphold respect for rights and respect for international humanitarian law and get away from the excitement and defame or publish photos immoral or defamation or violation of the sanctity and dignity of others.

Chairman of journalists and writers in favor of the International Federation of Daher Saleh Muhamed